5 Elements Kung Fu

I have spent over 20 years training in Northern, Southern and Internal Kung Fu styles under reputed masters. Understanding the benefits and limits of each style, I took their training methods/theories and combined them with modern exercise science and my personal experience. Focus is on building a healthy body, a calm mind and practical self-defense skills, while learning a culturally rich art. You can see my curriculum here.

The 5 Elements of Training

  • Southern Fists – Southern Kung Fu styles are known for their strong stances and powerful hand techniques. Develops: A strong and tempered body, and a fierce spirit.
  • Northern Legs – Northern Kung Fu styles are known for their kicking and long range techniques. Develops: Dynamic flexibility, agility and long power.
  • Neijia– (Internal Family) Internal Kung Fu focuses on combining relaxed movement with breath. Develops: Relaxed power, structure and balance.
  • Qigong – Energy cultivation based on Mind, breath and Qi. Develops: A calm mind, Internal strength and health.
  • Martial Ethics – Wude/MoDuk is the Code for Traditional Martial Artists. Develops: Martial Spirit, Courage, Honor, Loyalty.

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