5 Elements Kung Fu Curriculum

Grading: There are 3 Levels for Students and 3 for Disciples/Sifus, with each level containing 5 Phases. Each Phase will take approximately 3-6 months to complete with the last Phase taking 5-7 months. Each Level will be completed in 1.5 - 2.5 years; depending upon the student’s ambition and personal training.

The core of my system is based on Jow Ga Kung Fu. Forms and exercises not from Jow Ga will be labeled as (HG) Hung Ga, and (NS) Northern Shaolin. The Hung Ga system is a family system that is based on close to mid range fighting. It is an aggressive style heavy on animal techniques; especially Tiger. Northern Shaolin is fluid and long range and will help with agility. The NS forms and exercises come from Long Fist, Mizong Quan and 7 Star Mantis.

Instructor Level I

- Moving Basics - 18 Lohan (NS) - Sei Ping Kyun

- Siu Fook Fu Kyun - Small Subduing Tiger

- Double Headed Staff - Drumming/Music for forms and Lion Dance

– 10 Pattern Fist / Sup Ji Kyun (HG)

- Faa Kyun – Lian Bu Chuan (NS) – 5 Postures of Tai Chi – Qigong Theory – Morality of Mind { 2 Person Fighting Set: Small Tiger }

*** Upon completion and testing out of this level the student will be able to teach (informally) a small group.

Instructor Level II

- Man Ji Kyun

- Tiger Tail Broadsword

- 18 Kicks (HG)

- Lohan Kyun

- Spear – Gung Li Chuan (NS)- Tai Chi 13 Postures – Iron Palm Theory – Morality of Deed { 2 Person Fighting Set: Staff vs Staff }

*** Upon completion and testing out of this level the student will be able to teach a small group of students.

Instructor Level III

- Small Eagle Claw

- Optional Weapon (Double Daggers, Bian(NS))

- 5 Animal (HG)

- Fu Paau Kyun

- Double Broadsword – Yi Lu Mei Fu or Beng Bo (NS) – Yang 24 Form – Small Heavenly Circulation – Kung Fu Poem { 2 Person Fighting Set: Sword vs. Spear } (HG)

*** Upon completion and testing out of this level the student will be a Full Instructor and can open a school.

The levels are designed to give the student the ability to teach as he progresses through the curriculum. Teaching allows us to learn. However, this also must be done in stages and it is requested that the student follow the program guidelines for teaching and charging fees.

If the student desires he can continue his training through the 3 Levels of Sifu. This training would be considered a discipleship and would be taught one on one. This way the system can be handled down in a way to keep the full integrity. Everything will be shared, as there are no secrets to reveal, except those gained through hard work.

Sifu – Master Instructor


Advanced fighting sets and Qigong/HeiGong, as well as optional sets.

Required Sets

Open Hand Weapons

Iron Thread (HG) Kwan Dou

Gwok Ji Kyun 3 Section staff

Optional Fighting Sets

Dai Fook Fu Bian (Mizong)

Xiao Hu Yan (NS) Double Daggers

Yang Qing Jia (NS) Plum Flower Staff (HG)


This level is focused on Mental and Physical Health and Healing.

Basic Anatomy and Physiology

8 Pieces of Brocade (Qigong Set) and/or Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation A & B

Dit Da Jow – Fall Hit Wine - Chinese bruise medicine for muscles, joints and bones

Dorn Therapy – Gentle Chiropractic to align the skeletal system and/or

Bowen Therapy Level 1 – Neuromuscular technique that can be used to treat musculoskeletal issues.


At this stage the student has the opportunity to learn Spiritual Qigong techniques, Reiki, Meditation and the use of Mantras. Focus can be on any, or all methods.

Advanced Spiritual Qigong Theory

Meditation and the use of Mantras

Reiki Level I, II and Level III (Masters)