There are 5 Levels of training, with each level containing 5 Phases. Each Phase will take approximately 3-6 months to complete with the last Phase taking 5-7 months. Each Level will be completed in 1.5 - 2.5 years; depending upon the student’s ambition and personal training.

Traditionally Chinese Kung Fu does not use a belt system, however I have found that a clear path provides the student with focus and direction in their training. Colored sashes will be worn to show the level where the student is currently and stripes to show the phase.

Although we have an outlined curriculum, do not be overly concerned with belts, or levels. The only competition is with yourself and the true goal is living a happy and healthy life.

5 Elements Kung Fu Curriculum

Level I - Foundation

- 5 Stances; 5 Strikes; 5 Kicks; 5 Blocks

- Stepping Form

- Moving Basics 1-3

– Punching Form - Lion Dance Basics

- 18 Lohan (NS) – Intro Tai Chi Chuan – Qigong Theory – WuDe

{ Self Defense Techniques 1-5}

Level II - Junior Instructor

- Sei Ping Kyun / 4 Levels Fist

- Siu Fook Fu Kyun / Small Subduing Tiger

- Seung Tao Gwun / Double Headed Staff - Music for forms and Lion Dance

– Lian Bu Chuan / Continuous Stepping Fist

- Sup Ji Kyun / 10 Pattern Fist (HG) – 5 Postures of Tai Chi – Buddhist / Taoist Breath – Morality of Mind

{ 2 Person Fighting Set: Small Tiger }

Level III - Assistant Instructor

- Faa Kyun / Flower Fist

- Fu Mei Darn Dou / Tiger Tail Broadsword

- Gung Li Chuan (NS) / Power Training Sequence

- Sup Baat Guerk / 18 Kicks (HG)

- Cheung / Spear – Tai Chi 13 Postures – Iron Palm Theory – Morality of Deed

{ 2 Person Fighting Set: Staff vs Staff }

Level IV - Instructor

- Man Ji Kyun / 10,000 Character Fist

- Tang Long Seung Bei Sou / Double Daggers

- Siu Ying Jow Kyun / Small Eagle Claw

- Ng Ying Kyun / 5 Animal (HG)

- Wu Dip Dou / Butterfly Swords (HG) – Yi Lu Mei Fu – Yang 24 Form – Small Heavenly Circulation – Kung Fu Poem { 2 Person Fighting Set: Sword vs. Spear } (HG)

After completion of this stage, the student will no longer be required to test.

Level V - Senior Instructor

- Fu Paau Kyun / Tiger and Leopard Fist

- Optional Weapon (Plum Flower Staff (HG) or Bian / Steel Whip (NS)

- Lohan Kyun / Buddha Fist

- Optional Open Hand (Gwok Ji Kyun or Big Tiger)

- Mui Faa Seung Dou / Double Broadsword – Xiao Hu Yan – Large Circulation

Upon Completion of this level, the student can request a formal ceremony (Bai Si) for Sifu. This is an oath to pass on what they have learned and to respect the tradition of Kung Fu. The student can choose their focus of training. However, they must have elements of Martial, Healing and Spiritual in their path of learning.

Sifu - Master Instructor


Optional Open Hand and Weapons Sets

Iron Thread (HG) ; Gwok Ji Kyun; Dai Fook Fu; Beng Bu (Mantis); Yang Qing Jia (Mizong)

Bian (Mizong); Plum Flower Staff (HG); Tai Chi Chuan Sword; Kwan Dou; 3 Section Staff


Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Dit Da Jow – Fall Hit Wine - Chinese bruise medicine for muscles, joints and bones

Dorn Therapy – Gentle Chiropractic to align the skeletal system

Bowen Therapy Level 1 – Neuromuscular technique for overall health.


Spiritual Qigong techniques, Reiki, Meditation and the use of Mantras. Focus can be on any, or all methods.