Healing Arts

After experiencing the benefits of alternative and holistic therapies, I made it a personal goal to advance my knowledge. Besides studying herbal remedies and foods that support health and healing, I am ITEC certified in Anatomy and Physiology and a Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in Nutrition.

The modalities I studied below can be researched on the web for more detail. Although my approach may differ slightly, all my modalities are safe and effective within 3 visits.

Dorn Therapy - Gentle Chiropractic that aligns the spine and joints of the body in a relaxes, safe and pain free manner. Info on Dorn

Bowen Therapy - Another gentle technique that works the fascia to promote muscular relaxation and proper bones alignment. As a neuromuscular modality there are also many other benefits. Info on Bowen

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - A gentle, but powerful technique used to help the lymphatic system which can result in reduced swelling and an improved immune system.

Reiki - Although I use Reiki mainly as a spiritual practice; it has many health benefits as well. I have personally used it on myself and others to reduce stress, treat headaches and various bodily pains. My approach to Reiki is a combination of my experience and what I believe is a more holistic approach with the use of the Triad (Heaven Earth Man)

3 Harmonies Reiki

三合 靈 氣

天 Heaven / Reiki
  • Tapping into the universal energy and using it to enhance your health and well being.

人 Human / Qigong
  • Learn to develop, store and circulate your bio-electricity.

地 Earth / Feng Shui
  • This doesn’t refer to feng shui in the classical sense; rather it refers to human interaction with their surroundings. This includes where you live, the food you eat, and the people you surround yourself with.

Besides Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan I studied Ashtanga, Hatha and Pranayama Yoga and use the theories and exercises to treat imbalances.

My approach to wellness has the client as an active participant, so that you can gain control over your health and life. I've found that many illnesses can be treated naturally and safely by treating the body as a whole and allowing it to heal itself.

For information on treatments, as well as a free consultation, please contact me:

email: [email protected]

mobile: 480.955.8711