I began Qigong (energy cultivation) training when I started Kung Fu. It began as a way to develop strength, but later I began studying various methods geared towards health and spirituality.
While living in England a holistic health practitioner introduced me to Reiki. Although at first skeptical, my first experience was profound. This lead me to pursue its study and bacome a Reiki Master. I also began to study Pranayama Yoga and the use of Mantras. This training led me to a more spiritual path, that has had a calming effect on my life. These methods can be learned by anyone with dedication and an open mind. Through them you can clear the mind and deal with the obstacles of life in a more accepting and productive manner.

Qigong is taught in both External (physical movements combined with coordinated breath) and Internal (learning to build, refine and circulate the energy in your body)

Reiki - Although I use Reiki mainly as a spiritual practice; it has many health benefits as well. I have personally used it on myself and others to reduce stress, treat headaches and various bodily pains. My approach to Reiki is a combination of my experience and what I believe is a more holistic approach with the use of the Triad (Heaven Earth Man)

3 Harmonies Reiki

三合 靈 氣

天 Heaven / Reiki
  • Tapping into the universal energy and using it to enhance your health and well being.

人 Human / Qigong
  • Learn to develop, store and circulate your bio-electricity.

地 Earth / Feng Shui
  • This doesn’t refer to feng shui in the classical sense; rather it refers to human interaction with their surroundings. This includes where you live, the food you eat, and the people you surround yourself with.

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